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Prime Meats

We all remember Sam the butcher from the Brady Bunch, right?  Well, as you look across the country small butcher shops are closing, and many of the big blue box stores are starting to have meat shipped in from factories.  At Orchard Fresh we have made the commitment to bringing back the local meat shop with real, trained and experienced butchers who are thrilled to get to know you.

Our meat shop will be offering five different grades of meat including Kobe-style Wagyu, antibiotic-free Angus beef, USDA Prime, grass-fed organic, and dry-aged—for which we are using our own dry-aging unit to guarantee quality and freshness.  We will not only offer the everyday favorites like antibiotic-free beef, pork and poultry, but also unique varieties of game meats like bison, elk and venison.  We are excited for you to discover how special our meat department is.

Click here to read about the 5 grades of meat being offered.