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Gloucester Pier Seafood Co.

There is a reason why our Seafood shop is named after one of the most famous fishing piers just north of Boston, Mass.  Gloucester Pier Seafood Co. at Orchard Fresh has just what you want when it comes to your fish—quality, variety and freshness.  We are committed to bringing you seafood…so fresh, that there is a good chance it was swimming in the ocean just a day or two before.

With daily deliveries from Boston, as well as weekly deliveries straight from Hawaii, we are confident that you will never go anywhere else for your seafood.  Our expert fishmongers will prepare, cook and serve up all of our many aquatic offerings.  We understand that sometimes seafood can be a bit overwhelming, take a freshly shucked oyster for example.  But at Gloucester Pier Seafood Co. we will be sure to make it easy and fun!  So, if you haven’t tried an Island Creek oyster from Duxbury, MA…oh my.

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