Orchard Fresh | Tastefully Done


We’ve come a long way from the deli and meats that mom used to pack in your lunch. (But don’t tell mom we said that.) Offering a wide variety of natural selections and harder to find cured products our deli department is happy to bring them to you with superb knowledge and attention to detail. Need some lardons for that dinner you’re planning? Mention that to our knowledgeable staff and they may suggest implementing guanciale for the task. That is just one example of what you can expect from this department.

A far cry from the traditional deli with a red number-dispenser, we have no intention of calling out numbers, but rather calling you by name.  In conjunction with fine customer service, quality is of the utmost importance to us in our Deli, and we are pleased to offer Boar’s Head brand deli meats exclusively.  So, come and visit the Deli at Orchard Fresh and let’s get acquainted.