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5 Grades of Meat

Durham Ranch Wagyu Beef
Durham Ranch Wagyu are raised on Ranches practicing sustainable land management. The cattle are never administered hormones or antibiotic growth enhancers and are humanely treated. Most American Wagyu, also known as American Style Kobe Beef, are a cross between full blood Japanese Wagyu and either Red or Black American Angus or Charolais. Durham Ranch Wagyu are born and raised in the USA and consist of a minimum of 50% full blood Wagyu Beef.

Durham Ranch Dry Aged Beef
It’s natural for our Durham Ranch families to raise healthy animals holistically and sustainably. Durham Ranch Natural Beef comes directly from family Ranches across the corn belt of America’s Heartland. These families take great pride in growing cattle without the use of hormones or antibiotics. The cattle roam on open pasture while grazing on grass and are finished on vegetarian- based grain silage. The result is a level of quality and consistency chefs and connoisseurs demand. Dry Aged for a minimum of 30 days in a humidity controlled rooms.

Open Prairie Antibiotic Free Angus Beef
Since Mr. George Grant first brought Angus cattle to Kansas from Scotland in 1873, Angus beef has built a reputation as the best beef produced in the U.S. When you taste Open Prairie Natural Angus® beef, you’ll agree.

Angus beef’s reputation is due to the fact that it consistently delivers the following:

  • Rich beef flavor
  • Tenderness
  • Consistent quality
  • Superior eating experience

We take pride in producing premium-quality, natural Angus beef that not only meets but exceeds the USDA criteria for natural meats. We select only high-quality Angus cattle and keep production processes to an absolute minimum.

  • Angus cattle
  • No added hormones
  • No antibiotics administered
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Minimally processed

Open Prairie Natural Angus® beef comes to your table from ranchers who have a strong commitment to the environment and to raising cattle naturally without added hormones or antibiotics. Over the years they have mastered the practices of raising cattle in a low-stress environment while respecting the land and natural resources.

USDA Prime Beef
The word “prime” is a quality grade given by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to describe the highest quality beef and other meats (veal and lamb) in terms of tenderness, juiciness and flavor.

This meat quality grade is given based on a combination of marbling and maturity. Marbling (or flecks of fat within the meat) adds flavor, and younger beef produces the most tender meat.

Therefore, the “prime” grade will be given to meat that comes from the youngest beef with the most abundant marbling.


Prime Meat: The Highest Quality

Less than two percent of all beef produced in the United States will earn the prime designation. You will probably never see prime meat for sale at the grocery store; rather, it tends to be purchased by high-end restaurants and hotels.

Because of its superior quality, prime cuts of beef are best prepared using dry-heat cooking methods such as roasting and grilling.

Grass Fed Organic Beef
The Dakota Ranch

Located in the high country of Eastern Oregon, Dakota Organic Beef’s ranches are two of the oldest around and provide unrivaled cattle and feed resources. We acquired these Organic ranches in 2007 to help provide a consistent high quality and healthy Organic product for our customers while also caring for our cattle in a humane manner and tending to our land responsibly.

These properties provide over 150,000 acres of the most pristine Organic native grasses and natural Organic watersheds Mother Nature has to offer. We also grow some of the best alfalfa hay produced in the country, most of which is provided to our cattle as a high quality feed resource in the winter.
We strive to never overgraze our pastures. That’s because we never use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides on our land or hay. Producing healthy, high quality beef is important to us. And it begins at the ranch.

Dakota Organic Beef provides the purest, most flavorful organic beef around. The only thing you’ll taste is simply natural beef because we never use hormones, antibiotics or harmful chemicals. And we believe in the importance of sustainable farming, respecting the land and animals, to provide healthy food for your family.

Our cattle are born and raised on certified organic pastures in the heart of cattle country – the Midwest. They are vegetarian fed and finished on a diet of certified organic grains, giving it the natural marbling that you’ve come to expect.

We provide the most natural environment for our cattle including unrestricted outdoor access, humane handling and opportunities to engage in natural behaviors.

As a leading member of the certified organic beef industry, Dakota Organic Beef has made it our mission to maintain sustainable stewardship for the cattle and the environment to meet the needs of today and generations to come.

Dakota Beef, Certified Organic Cattle

  • Born and raised on certified organic pastures
  • Never receive antibiotics
  • Never receive growth promoting hormones
  • Fed only certified organic grains and grasses
  • Have unrestricted outdoor access
  • Receive humane treatment