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"I couldn’t be more excited to pair the perfect beer with your next meal, order you a special brew we may not have, or just have a great conversation about anything beer!"

Will Thompson

Will Thompson

Non Perishable Team Leader

Will is our resident craft beer connoisseur, and has been studying (and drinking) it for many years. After his years in college drinking the who’s who of light tasteless beer, Will found his true love in craft beer. The real flavors and creative recipes grabbed his pallet and never let go. Ever since the explosion of the craft market hit New York, Will has be an avid consumer and researcher of the latest and greatest in craft beers. His knowledge stems from his love of original recipes, new ideas, and breweries pushing the limits of what a beer can be. Shortly after first dabbling with craft beer, Will started his passion of home brewing. He took this love and started collaborating with a group of his like minded friends. After 5 years of making every style of beer possible the group has now started on a path of opening their very own micro-brewery. Still a few years away from making this dream a reality, Will spends most of his time staying on top the newest trends, styles, and varieties of new beers hitting the shelves.