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Today’s Prepared Foods

Monday ,  July 16th  , 2018




Sushi Pick of the day: Spicy Tuna Roll

Salad Pick of the day: Tuna Dill

Pizza Pick of the day: Cheese & Pepperoni

Sandwich Pick of the day: Th Boston

Chef Prepared Soups:

  • Chicken Noodle
  • Steak and Potato
  • Vegetable with Chick Pea
  • Turkey with Farro
  • New England Chowder

Bistro: N/A

Produce Item of the Day: Blackberries

Seafood Item of the Day: Blue Point Oysters

Meat Item of the Day: Angus 80% Ground Beef

Bakery Item of the Day: Vin-Chet’s Danish Rings

Cheese Item of the Day: Yancey’s Fancy Fresh Killer Dill Cheese