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Romance and Chocolate

SignCoordinator / February 14, 2015

As our sales ad would suggest, love is in the air this week so I thought I would try to get in the romantic mood and try a Valentine’s themed beer this week. What is a Valentines themed beer, you ask? My first thought was to try my girlfriend’s favorite beer, but she doesn’t even drink beer. She does love chocolate though, and since I spent all my money on her Valentine’s Day gift, this week’s selection would have to be cost effective as well.

After a quick pass through our beer section I found I was in luck. I decided to go with Rogue Chocolate Stout. Rogue is a fairly young brewery from Oregon and our Beer Expert Will swears all of the world’s finest beers come from Oregon. I guess we’ll find out…

Before you try anything from Rogue, you should swing by their website. It’s very user friendly and has a lot of great information, not only about their beers, but about their ingredients too. I was interested in seeing that Rogue uses as much pure and organic ingredients as possible. They operate their own farm and practice sustainable farming methods. Their beers have no additives or preservatives and they do their best to avoid any chemicals in the brewing process. Pretty awesome considering the price point of their beers. Most organics and all natural beers are higher in price due to the cost of ingredients, but Rogue is very reasonably priced.

Another important side note is that chocolate as an ingredient can be deceiving. If you’re like me, you hear chocolate and think of Hershey Kisses and that great creamy, milk chocolate taste. However, after taking the tour at the Hershey factory, I received a master’s degree in chocolate tasting (seriously, I have a diploma and everything – well worth the $8 tour) so I know a little something about chocolate. Chocolate in its pure state is very bitter. This makes it an easy ingredient to use in beer making as hops tend to be bitter as well.

This stout certainly did not taste like a glass of chocolate milk. It did however have a very familiar stout flavor profile. Most people are familiar with the stout flavor from drinking Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a heavier beer with a slight hoppy bitterness. Rogue Chocolate Stout fit that criteria nicely. The aroma was a strong chocolate smell. It was clean and smooth and definitely made me want to sip it.

The color was a beautiful dark amber. It had an off-white head and a dark body which set it apart from your usual Guinness. The flavor however, was world’s apart from Guinness. There was a slight bitterness at first. This beer is listed at 69 IBU (International Bittering Units) which is somewhat high for a stout generic cialis jelly online. Obviously, the chocolate bitterness played with the hops and provided the extra kick. The finish, however, was all chocolate. I was waiting for that dry, bitter flavor to carry through but this beer finished very smooth and maltly. It was a nice surprise.

The bottle suggests you try this beer with beef or as a dessert beer and I would have to agree. Personally, I would drink it on its own but I could see it as a nice compliment to a beef stew.

I’ve seen all kinds of chocolate beers displayed for Valentines Day but I would probably not suggest going with a stout over a dozen roses for your lady. But to all you ladies out there, stop in and grab your man a bottle of Rogue Chocolate Stout this weekend. It’s way easier than trying to make dinner reservations and it still covers the whole chocolate candy obligation. At the end of the day, I suggest enjoying this beer all winter, not just on special occasions.

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