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Rare Vos

SignCoordinator / January 22, 2015


Hey everyone! I’m back again for another tasting and this week I’ve picked one of my favorites. I’ve been a fan of Brewery Ommegang for a long while. I was able to take a trip with some friends to tour the brewery a few years ago and I have to say if you get the chance, you should check it out. They’re located in Cooperstown so it makes a nice trip if you want to check out the Baseball Hall of Fame and a cool brewery. I took the tour and got to see the entire brewery, and then I pretty much sampled everything they had to offer. I’m a huge fan of Belgian style beers so this brewery was right in my ballpark (get it…Cooperstown?).

Of all they had to offer I would have to say I enjoyed they’re Rare Vos best. So I’m reviewing it this week!

The first impression is always the packaging and label. This is another reason I enjoy this brewery so much. Very colorful but filled with information. I always enjoy reading up on beers and where they come from. This one is interesting from the start. Apparently, Rare Vos, means Sly Fox and is named for a small café outside of Brussels. Appropriate name for a Belgian amber ale. So, what is a Belgian Amber Ale?

Belgian style beers are brewed in the Belgian tradition, using mostly Belgian or English hops. Traditionally, these beers were brewed by monks to raise money for their communities or monasteries. This is were things get complicated as each monastery had it’s own type of beer made with different styles and ingredients, yet all falling under the Belgian designation in modern times. The amber ale is considered to be a mix of English pub ales and Belgian blonde ales, both having a malt-forward taste and little to average bitterness.

Rare Vos, as described by the brewers, is a Belgian style café ale. They suggest it goes well with pub foods or seafood. Yes, I am aware I am the assistant manager of an organic and gourmet food store, but I love fried foods as much as the next guy. Besides, the beer told me to do it! I enjoyed my Rare Vos with a side of fries and a burger.

To begin, the color on this beer was amazing. It wasn’t hard to see why it’s called an Amber Ale. As I poured, there was a beautiful cascade of deep reddish-brown, finishing with a light frothy-white head. The body had a deep red, almost copper color and contrasted nicely with the white foam head.

The taste was fantastic. It was brewed with sweet orange, coriander and grains of paradise. The orange was instantly present on the taste cialis generique ligne. Again, I’m an amateur so I’m not sure I would know grains of paradise if I tasted it (or coriander for that matter). What I can say is that this beer has a very complex taste with a delicious finish. It is light and malty, with very little bitterness. There was almost a spicy taste to it which complimented the sweetness from the orange.

The light taste was easy to drink, and was a great partner to the heavy fries I was eating with it. Alone, this beer probably wouldn’t fill you up like heavier stouts or porters. I guess that is what makes it so good with pub foods as they tend to be fried and heavy. The sweet and spicy taste made every sip a new adventure. I’m pretty sure I could drink this all night! The finish was crisp and clean and gave a nice touch of palate cleansing which helped to wash down the greasy burger and fries.

This really was a great drinking beer. I understand the café style they were going for, as I could picture myself enjoying one on the patio on a hot day. Brewery Ommegang did a great job with Rare Vos. I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the brewery tour I took there.

Thanks for reading!


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