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Building a better salad

SignCoordinator / November 3, 2014

Hi! It’s been a few weeks but I’m back!  I have had many thoughts about a blog topic but each one was pushed aside until tonight.  It was another gorgeous WNY day.  A little chilly but full of sunshine.  The leaves are almost gone and we are entering a time of the year when we are surrounded by chances to over eat.  How do you balance your eating habits? How do you eat healthily while surrounded by all the delicious treats that abound from Halloween until New Years? It’s a long time!! Not to mention when the weather turns we tend to slow down and there are fewer opportunities to burn calories.

What to do??

Build a better salad! I say build because just like a recipe with many ingredients and steps, a salad can be built! You start with your base ….this can be a traditional base like lettuce or you can get creative and use a mix of green vegetables….I like to use Brussels sprouts and cabbage with a little broccoli.  This is my base cialis livraison.  Then the building begins.  It’s important to think about what you need to fuel your body.  What you need to feel full.  Be careful though calories add up quickly and a salad can turn into a monster fast!
My salad needed baby beets and pecans next.  I chopped them up into bite sized pieces.  Then a few raspberries to sweeten the salad and add vitamins.  The dressing is an important decision too.  Read the labels and watch the serving size.  Actually measure it.  Then stir up your salad before you eat it.

We can make it through the holidays without too many unwanted pounds if a balance is found.  Balance the pumpkin pie with a beautifully built salad.

Have a wonderful day today…..smile …..laugh…..be happy!!!!!


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