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Everything smells peachy around here…

SignCoordinator / September 9, 2014

Wow!! I can hardly stand it!! These peaches are incredible. So beautiful in fact that I feel compelled to write a second post this week!! I am going home with a bushel of them tomorrow and the canner is coming out for the night. The taste of these peaches will bring back the joys of late August when opened in January…..I know I’ve said it before but these big beautiful peaches are amazing!  I have heard the word pie about 15 times already today.  People walk up to them and they are already tasting the pie yet to be made. It’s so fun to hear!!!

When you walk into the store this week take a peach and hold it up to your nose.  Enjoy the smell of late summer and decide if you want to make peach pie or perhaps my amazing peach salsa.

Alice’s awesome peach salsa

5 peaches (for color I like to use yellow and white peaches)
1 quart of strawberries
1 red pepper
1 red onion
1 fresh jalepeno
3 limes
I bunch of cilantro
2 cucumbers
4 Roma tomatoes

Dice all ingredients except limes up very small.  Squeeze lime juice over and mix together.  Let sit for 1/2 hour in fridge before serving.  So easy!!

Eating a salsa like this one is such a healthy way to enjoy the end of summer.  Really great appetizer.

Whatever you decide to do with your pile of peaches, the important thing is to have some before they are gone until next year.  A few weeks of local peaches is all we get.  Grab some!  Save some in your freezer or canned in your pantry.  The hour or so that it will take to put some away will seem worth it when you smell peach pie cooking on a snowy day.

Have a wonderful day today…..smile……laugh….. cialis livraison rapide canada.be happy!!!


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